Span + Space Konstrukt, Inc., is a Corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 30, 1997 under its former name Gatmaitan & Associates, Inc.

Its primary purpose is to purchase, lease, exchange, or
otherwise acquire real estate and property, either improved or unimproved and any interest therein; to own, hold, control, maintain, manage and develop the same; to erect, construct, maintain, improve, rebuild, enlarge, alter, manage, operate, control, lease, sell all kinds of buildings, houses, hotels, motels, apartments, stores, offices, warehouses, mills, shops, factories, machinery and plants, and all structures and erections of any description, on any lands owned, held, or leased by the Corporation, or upon any other lands, to lease or sublet offices, stores, apartments, and other space in such building or buildings, and to sell, lease, sublet, mortgage, create a security, interest in, exchange, assign, transfer, convey, therein; and to manage and operate subdivisions and housing projects or otherwise engage in the trading of real estate and property. | Copyright 2010